Fake Hub - Up To 50% OFF

Fake Hub Fake Hub is one of the best porn networks to be released in years, especially if you are a fan of fake agent and casting couch style porn. Their videos are so awesome I'd actually consider paying full price, which is rare for me considering I'm such a cheap bugger. But, thankfully they're offering discount pricing, so paying full price won't be necessary today ;) There are two discounted membership plans available, $17.45 per month and $12.83 per month (when you select the 6 month subscription). I recommend the 6 month subscription because you will save approximately 50% each month. Don't forget, you're getting full access to 7 killer sites for less than the cost of one. Fake Cop, Fake Agent UK, Fake Hospital are just a few of the premium sites you will be able to access with a single password. So, what are you waiting for? Click the join button below and head on over to FakeHub.com!

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